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Robotics 101 - Cool Springs

6 classes on Saturdays @ AGCC from 9 am - 10 am

  • Ended
  • 140 US dollars
  • 274 Mallory Station Rd, Franklin TN

Course Details

VEX 123 Robot and VEX Coder are used for this course. The 123 Robot is programmable by using the VEX Coder and physical cards, where our young students learn real programming by having fun, and away from computer screens. Robotics 101 at an early age prepares students to engage with the world around them, and encourages them to be creators, not just consumers of technology. With VEX 123, students practice core robotics concepts such as critical thinking, collaboration, and decomposition (breaking problems down into smaller parts). Here is an outline of Robotics 101 lessons: Lesson 1 - Students learn about the features and functions of the Vex 123 Robot by following a read-a-long story. Then students explore the best practices for working with the robot, and create a set of classroom rooms Lesson 2 - Students use touch buttons to code the robot to help them sound out and read words. They then program the robot to ‘clean their room’ Lesson 3 - In this lesson students practice early addition skills using a number line, the robot, and manipulative to represent numbers and number values Lesson 4 - Students investigate how programming languages are set of rules, where symbols represent actions, and actions become robot behaviors by engaging in “dragon in the village” activity Lesson 5 - Robots can dance too! They plan and test a coding project to have the robot perform a dance move Lesson 6 - Students create a project that communicates different feelings though the behaviors of the robot, by using the Action Coder cards Lesson 7 - Students listen to a story and code the 123 robot to match the character’s feeling Lesson 8 - This week, students create a project using sequenced commands, and drive the robot in a square. They also learn to troubleshoot problems Lesson 9 - Students code the robot to drive from one location to another on a community map Lesson 10 - Debugging is important! Students debug a project, and correctly sequence the Coder cards to complete a specific goal Lesson 11 - In this lesson, students help scientists by coding the Robot to collect samples on Mars! Lesson 12 - Students will code the robot rover to detect obstacles and clear the landing area for a Mars landing For questions, email us at Class dates - Please see schedule below Ages - 4 & 5 year old Prerequisite - None Time - 9 am - 10 am Class size - 8

Cancellation Policy

* Full refund before first day of class, or if classes are canceled because of COVID * Partial refund two weeks after beginning of class * No refund after two weeks of class * Make up classes will be arranged if classes are canceled because of COVID exposures, or because of inclement weather

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